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Hvad bier taenker!: Get it together you!

lørdag den 16. juli 2011

Get it together you!

This weekend is dedicated to finish off long forgotten knitting projects in order to make room for new and exciting ideas. I've got no less than 13 more or less finished projects lying around and stored away... Yes THIRTEEN!!! It might suit me to say that I'm kind of embarrassed, but who am I kidding. I'll never be a monogamous knitter... Never!

NEVER the less I need to finish something and I've picked out these three lovely cardigans.

On top: Kellycardigan from Erika Knights "Klassisk strik" ("Classic"). Haven't decided wether I want a petrolium blue edge or to just leave it as it is. Otherwise it just needs a trim and buttons.

Middle: Paulie cardigan - needs sleeves, edging, buttons and a trim (jeez)

Bottom: Fairhope no-closing cardigan. I'm adding a wide rib edging to the garment so it wont slide off the shoulders. Otherwise done!

Dolce Handknits (Fairhope cardigan) has got some really pretty patterns. You can buy them all on Ravelry!

Happy knitting:)

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